Are You Planning A Birthday Party For Your Little Girl Who Loves Horses?

When you were a little girl, did you love to collect toy horses? Perhaps you even had a real horse to ride. Now that you have your own little daughter, maybe she is following in your footsteps and has a passion with anything that is horse-related. If so, you may consider having a horse-themed birthday party. From planning the invitations to buying kid's books about horses, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Birthday Party Invitations

Set the mood with the invitations you send to the children who will be attending your little girl's birthday party. Consider making the invitations yourself; if your daughter is old enough to help, having her assist you will probably add to the fun. For example, you could have a picture of a horse on the front of the invitation and a caption that says something like I'm not horsin' around - this party will be a blast! As part of the invitation, consider asking the children to dress up in riding attire, which could be as simple as jeans with a bandana tied around the neck. Don't forget to include a place for RSVPs so you'll have a good idea of how many will be coming to your little girl's party.

The Activities

Of course, you'll want to play games that are horse-related. For example, you could have a cutout of a horse and, instead of pinning a tail on the donkey, the children could pin both ears onto the horse. Another idea is to sit the children down so that they can listen to you read a kid's story book about horses. Some ideas for your story time might be Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse, Noni the Pony, or Smoky the Cowhorse. Paperback copies of story books about horses would be great party favors, too. Perhaps you could attach a miniature plastic horse and a candy bar to each book.

Of course, you'll more than likely also want to give the birthday girl a kid's book about horses. Consider buying classics like National Velvet, Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka. If your daughter isn't old enough to read those classic books, think of reading a chapter a day together. Even though your little girl might not be an accomplished reader yet, those classics will more than likely become some of her favorite books. In fact, someday she'll probably read them to her own little cowgirl. 

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