Keep Your Daughter Away From Video Games And Soaps: 3 Cool Alternatives

If you have a young daughter and you are tired of watching her waste her time with video games and mindless television shows, then you should look into some of the alternatives that you have for them. You want to be a good parent and provide them with good stimuli which is both entertaining and can help them expand their mind. There are a multitude of things that you can introduce into your daughters life that will make her day to day routine both more fun as well as more educationally fulfilling. Here's a few ideas to consider.

Read A Modern Women Suspense Novel

One of the best ways to get your daughter to read is to find her something that is relevant to her interests. And there is no better form of reading for young women than modern women suspense novels that are centered around females as heroines. These novels will highlight the fact that women are also the heroes in fiction and it will make it so that she doesn't always associate fictional crime fighters and protagonists. These can be suspense novels based around female protagonists that are engaged in espionage or spy-craft or simple deceptive work. It's a great way to get your daughter interested in reading long form novels.

Docudramas About A Famous Female Person

If you're daughter is not the type who is really that interested in reading novels, then you can certainly find a film or television program that is more in depth and comprehensive than your typical sitcom hero. These films or television shows will impart more interesting info and cultural references than a common television show that would be on your typical network.

Podcasts With Interviews About Women

Another cool thing to have your daughter listen to is a podcast with a interesting female author of novels or else another female person that your daughter can relate to. The cool thing about podcast is that they can be downloaded and your daughter can listen to these interviews while they are on the bus to school, or when they are excising. The other cool thing about podcasts  is that they have a long form dialogue that allows your daughter to have a great deal of intimate details regarding the lives of theses women, which is more than they would get with the typical  sound byte interviews that are common on most commercial television shows or short radio interviews.


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